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Build a stairway that is affordable and fits your space!

Pre-Assembled Stairs Shipped in 3 weeks

Build a stairway for new construction or add access to existing space. Just bolt it down and you're ready to go. No welding or assembly required. 

Ships in 3 Weeks

OSHA & IBC Compliant

No Assembly Required

Building a Stair Can Be Expensive & Time-Consuming

An overpriced stairway that doesn't fit slows you down and hurts your business.
Get straight answers and stop waiting on drawings from the local welding guy.
Hidden or vague estimates turn into headaches and expensive nightmares.
Your brother-in-law doesn't wanna give up 3 Saturdays helping you either.
Build Your Stair
Frustrated Business Owner Dealing with Contractors and Expenses

It's Easy to Design a Stairway When You're in Control

Custom Designed for You

Designed by you to fit your space and regulatory requirements. We build stairways for new construction and for adding additional entry to existing space.

Instant Quote & Pricing

As you build your stair you will see the pricing. This will allow you to order a stairway that fits your budget.

Easy to Install

Our stair experts will coach you through every step of the install. We'll provide you with easy-to-understand installation drawings and provide phone/video support to help get your stair installed safely and quickly.

We want to see your business thrive.

Build Your Stair
More than 30 years of stair design experience
More than 1,000 happy customers
OSHA & IBC compliant

How It Works

1. Measure Your Space

The two primary measurements needed are the stair height (measured finished floor to finished floor) and the stair tread width.

2. Design Your Stair

You will be guided through the design process. Our stair experts are available to answer your questions.

3. Schedule Delivery

Your stair will typically ship 3 weeks after approval drawings are signed. Easy-to-follow installation drawings will be included and our stair experts are a phone call away.

Customers We Serve

Modular Construction
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Electrive Automotive
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Spacecraft Manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the common questions asked when customers order a stair. If you don't see your question answered, send us a message.

You can expect to receive your approval drawings within 2-4 minutes for most stairs. More complex stair configurations may take up to 10 minutes.

No. This is not legos that you need to assemble yourself with 15 pages of instructions. Your stairway will come fully assembled and ready to lift into position in just minutes after you receive it.

Stair Zone offers 4 types of treads for you to choose from:

  • Diamond Plate - Open Riser: Cost effective, common for interior. The minimum required by OSHA.
  • Diamond Plate - Closed Riser: Limits debris from falling underneath, common for interior. The minimum required for IBC applications.
  • Poured Pan - Closed Riser: Highly durable, designed for concrete tread applications.
  • Bar Grate - Open Riser: Serrated surface, slip resistant. Recommended for exterior.

No, we do not offer those. We recommend you use StairSupplies instead.

No, we do not fabricate spiral staircases.

We offer full refunds until the start of production. After the production process begins, we cannot issue refunds. Production begins immediately after approval drawings are signed. If the order is cancelled before approval drawings are signed , we will give you a full refund.

We accept credit card and check payments. We do not accept PayPal.

Yes, we can invoice you. Payment has to be made before production will begin.

Shipping rates are based off of your distance from our location in Nappanee, IN, and stair size/weight.

Yes, you can fill out a request for quote form or call us. From there we will figure out what you’re needing and provide you with approval drawings.

Sure, just fill out our request for quote form and attach your drawing there.

Roughly 2-3 weeks after approval drawings are signed. For more complex staircases, the lead time will be longer and is dependent on the project.

No, we only offer stairs made out of steel.

Stair Zone will provide you with all necessary hardware to secure your stair. We recommend you have a forklift or some other method to lift the stairs in place. You will also need an impact, sockets, wrench, drill and drill bits, tape measurer, and a level.

Stair Zone will install your stair for an additional fee. Otherwise, we recommend that you find a general contractor near you to install your stair.

Stair Zone stairs come pre-assembled and ready to install. If you have problems or questions, you can call us and talk to Wade.

We will provide email, phone, and video support to ensure a quick and easy installation.

Our team has 30+ years of experience in engineering, fabricating, and installing stairs. We have installed stairs in manufacturing plants, hotels, churches, and retail locations. Clear and easy-to-follow drawings are included with every Stair Zone purchase.

JA Wagner Stairs

"I had a small project where I needed to transition from floor level down to exterior grade which was only 3’.  [Stair Zone] helped me design a simple L shaped stairway that would hold up to the elements, cost effective and simple to install.  The turnaround time was pretty quick and the stairs fit perfectly in their place.  I went back and forth with [Stair Zone] to get the measurements just right for the situation and it turned out great!"

Tony H
Project Manager at JA Wagner
Tony Harman JA Wagner

Stair Types

Straight Stair

Straight Stair

L Stair Up Left

L-Shape Stair

Switchback Stair

Switchback Stair

Crossover Stair

Crossover Stair

Railing Options

Stair with 2 Rails

2 Rail

Starting Price: $1,235
Stair with Inner Handrail

2 Rail + Inner Handrail

Starting Price: $1,645
Stair with Balusters & Inner Handrail

Balusters + Inner Handrail

Starting Price: $1,760
Build Your Stair

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