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As you build your industrial stair you will see the pricing change as you build your stair. You will always know what your stair is going to cost.

Build Industrial Stair

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Our staff will help you install your industrial stair. Our stairs are prefab and are easy to install. We'll provide you with easy-to-understand drawings and provide phone/video support to help get your industrial stair installed safely and quickly.

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How It Works

1. Measure Your Space

The two primary measurements needed for an industrial stair are height (measured finished floor to finished floor) and tread width.

2. Build Your Stair

You will be guided through the easy design process. Our stair builder page lets you design the industrial stair you need.

3. Schedule Delivery

Your industrial stairs will ship 4 weeks after you sign approval drawings. Approval drawings are sent 48h after placing order.

Build Industrial Stair

We Are Here to Help You

Designing and installing a new set of industrial steel stairs doesn't have to be complicated. It also doesn't have to be a hassle. Far too often, the process lacks transparency; pricing is hidden behind a lengthy on-site consultation.

The professionals at Stair Zone know that modern-day business moves at the speed of light. You need an efficient job site that's accessible by all your employees without costly downtime. We have more than 30 years experience designing steel industrial stairs. That's why our stair-building process gives you power, choice, and control right out of the gate.

Design Process

The industrial stair professionals at Stair Zone live by a simple philosophy: we live in a busy world. Interruptions to your business's workflow drains productivity, which in turn costs you money. Our goal is to eliminate costly interruptions to your on-site operations as seamlessly as possible.

If you have an old or broken set of industrial stairs, you need them fixed right away so that your employees can get the job done. Sales calls and consultations have their place, but they don't always fit into your busy schedule. Sometimes you have to schedule an on-site consultation weeks out, and even then, it takes time out of your busy management schedule to meet and speak with the representative.

On top of that, many industrial stair manufacturers won't give you a price until a full quote is complete, leaving you in the dark as to what your out-of-pocket costs will be. You're forced to go through the entire process with the stairway manufacturer in order to get an estimate.

Our design process eliminates all that. Stair Zone gives customers all the tools they need to design the perfect set of industrial metal stairs right on our website. We walk you through the process with simple drop down menus and multiple options for every important component of the design process.

Important Measurements

Before you can design your industrial stairs, we need a little information from you. We keep it simple, only asking for what's necessary in order to create a custom stair for you. Here's what we need to know:

  • Total stair height
  • Desired width stair treads

That's it. Those are the most important measurements necessary to establish the overall dimensions of your staircase. If you're unsure of how to measure either, we provide a handy visual guide right on the page to help you.

Total staircase height refers to how high you need the staircase to be between each finished floor. You'll find drop-down menus that give you options from feet, right down to a fraction of an inch so that you can be as accurate as possible in your initial measurements. When measuring, keep in mind that overall stair height is from the surface of the bottom floor to the top surface of the second-story floor.

Tread width is equally simple. It is a measurement of how wide you want each step to be. When measuring, make sure to add 5 inches to account for outside stringer width. Stair stringers are the outside guide that keeps each tread in place.

Those are the only essential measurements that we need when it comes to pricing your metal stair. Next, you'll choose customization features before finishing off the process.

Tread Types

After establishing your overall measurements, it's time to select a style for each tread. We offer a range of different surface options for your industrial metal stairs. It's important to consider how the staircase will be used when selecting tread type.

Diamond plate is a more economical option and typically selected for indoor stairs. Bar grating is the best option for external stairs because it offers the best traction for rain, ice, and snow. Our stair treads include:

  • Diamond plate with a closed riser
  • Diamond plate with an open riser
  • Poured pan with a closed riser
  • Bar grating with an open riser

Our tread options ensure that your industrial stairs have the perfect tread style to promote efficiency and safety on your job site. The tread depth (or "tread rise") is visible on the stair builder page. As you change the overall height of your stair, the individual tread depth will adjust.

Your approval drawings will include detailed measurements for your stair.

Top Landing Options

After picking a tread type, it's time to select a landing type. We offer numerous landing designs to fit the layout of your warehouse or workspace. Our website gives you the option of choosing between:

  • Straight exit, no landing
  • Top landing with a left exit
  • Top landing with a right exit
  • Top landing with a straight exit

Our options are simple, straight to the point, and guaranteed to fit the internal contours of your job site.

Handrail Types

The next option is the type of handrail that you want your industrial metal stairs to have. We offer four different types of handrail options so that you can find the perfect fit for your industrial staircase. Those options include:

  • No handrail
  • 2 rail design
  • 2 rail with inner handrail
  • Balusters and inner handrail

Finishing: Primer & Paint Options

Before we can send you an approval drawing, there is one final thing to take into consideration: finishing options for your industrial stairs. We offer 4 standard options designed to fit a wide variety of needs. Those options include:

  • Gray primer
  • Safety yellow
  • Gray paint
  • 2-part black epoxy

Our basic gray primer is perfect if you want to paint the stairs in your own after-market color. Safety yellow can be used to draw attention to dangerous conditions in areas where safety is a primary concern. Our gray paint is a commercial finish that differs in luster from the gray primer, and our black epoxy finish is perfect for exterior industrial metal stairs.

Galvanized & Powder Coated Options

We also offer a galvanized and powder coated options. Because this is not a standard option, two-week lead times are not guaranteed. Call (574) 773-8025 to speak with a stair expert for a custom quote and lead time.

A powder coated finish is more durable than paint, making it less likely to chip and wear for a high traffic stair. Depending on the situation it may be a better option than paint.

Completing Your Order

Finishing off your sale is as simple as the rest of the process. After your order is placed, we will send you an approval drawing. We will begin building your stair after drawings are approved and will ship 4 weeks later.

All our stairs are OSHA and IBC compliant. Provided everything is right, we take your shipping information, and deliver your staircase within 4 weeks.

Installation is breeze and requires nothing more than a wrench and a hand truck. If you need assistance with the installation process, Stair Zone partners with experienced contractors all over the United States and would be happy to set you up with a qualified installer.

When it comes to metal stairs for sale, no one does it as hassle free as Stair Zone. Our entire process is designed with our customers' comfort in mind. Using our online ordering tool helps you to prevent unnecessary downtime and ensure the efficiency and productivity of your work site. 

"We needed to replace an existing stairs with a new steel stairs designed by Stair Zone. Drawings were accurate and delivery on time. Great place to design and purchase your own stairs."

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Carl Hostetler of Ideal Construction

We know it's confusing to build a stair for your industrial space.

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