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Depending on the location or use of your stair, you may want or even be required by law to use a specific type of railing. You can choose from 6 different railing options for your stair and in some cases you can choose different railings for each side.

No Railing

No Stair Railing

With this option, the stairway comes without any railing. It’s a simple choice for those who want to supply their own railings.

Type A: Wall Mount Handrail

Type A Wall Mount Stair Handrail

Type A is a round pipe handrail attached to a nearby wall. While mounting brackets are included, you’ll need to supply your own hardware to attach them to the wall, as different walls need different types of fasteners.

Type B: Combination Hand/Stair Rail

Type B Combination Hand and Stair Rail

Standing at 36″ tall, Type B has a top that serves as a handrail. It’s a commonly accepted option for OSHA compliance, but it’s a good idea to consult with your local inspector to make sure it’s right for your specific situation.

Type C: Stair Railing + Inner Handrail

Type C Stair Rail with Inner Handrail

Type C offers a 42″ tall stair rail with a round pipe handrail on the inside. It is fully OSHA compliant, and IBC compliant for occupancy groups I-3, F, H, or S, as defined in IBC 2021 Section 302).

Type D: Balusters + Inner Handrail

Type D Balluster Stair Railing

Type D is a 42″ tall stair rail with a round pipe handrail inside and vertical balusters. It is fully OSHA and IBC compliant.

Type E: Mesh Infill Rail + Inner Handrail

Type E Mesh Stair Railing

Type E stands 42″ tall with a round pipe handrail inside and square mesh infill. It is fully OSHA and IBC compliant.

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